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The Girl Who Threw Butterflies Word Puzzle

  1. 3. Someone that is incredibly skilled at something and passes it onto others by helping them practice in order to master that skill in particular.
  2. 4. A person that runs around the bases of a baseball diamond who is a member of the team at bat.
  3. 7. When someone is puzzled or baffled by something.
  4. 12. Something that is unexpected or astonishing.
  5. 14. The comprehension of something.
  6. 15. A player in a game of baseball that pitches the baseball.
  7. 16. Amusing; funny.
  8. 17. Something that is (typically/ commonly) remembered from the past; a recollection of past events or thoughts.
  9. 18. A ball game that is played by two teams of nine on a diamond shaped circuit that is composed of four bases.
  10. 19. A group of players forming one side in a (competitive) game or sport.
  1. 1. To perform an activity repeatedly in order to achieve a particular goal or to maintain the proficiency of a skill.
  2. 2. Typically a form of sport or play that is played (typically) by people according to its rules and expectations and also sometimes based of the skill of its players.
  3. 5. A publication which is printed consisting of (mainly) news, informative articles, and advertisements.
  4. 6. Feeling or showing jealousy.
  5. 7. (Based on someone's manner or how they behave). Someone who may be sharing secret knowledge with someone.
  6. 8. A baseball player that is stationed at one of the infield positions of the baseball diamond (during a game of baseball).
  7. 9. A deep feeling of distress that is commonly caused by the loss or disappointment of something.
  8. 10. The experience of being sleep deprived because of the inability of rest, nap, or sleep.
  9. 11. Especially composed in a newspaper, a (brief) biography of a typically deceased person which serves as a notification of their death.
  10. 13. A slow pitch that has no spin and moves erratically.
  11. 18. Four (plates) that all must be touched by a runner in the game of baseball.
  12. 20. An over-sized glove made of leather used by baseball players to catch a baseball.