The Hunger Games

  1. 3. the people that are take for the hunger games
  2. 7. were the tributes are picked for the hunger games
  3. 8. the thing that picks up the dead tributes
  4. 11. a girl that was picked for the hunger games
  5. 12. Catos and his group of three other people that are good with weapons
  6. 14. the people that made the hunger games
  7. 15. two people from each distract go to an arena and fight to the death
  8. 16. a boy from the same distract that helps katniss in the games
  9. 17. in the hunger games there are 12 distracts and 2 people from each distract go to the hunger games
  10. 18. is the place in the center of the arena were the weapons at the start of the game
  1. 1. the place that takes the tributes to the arena
  2. 2. the place were katniss dad died
  3. 3. the place were the tributes train for the game
  4. 4. are animals that they sent out of the end of the games to finish it
  5. 5. bees that are made to make you nascence
  6. 6. when people at the capitol can give you items well in the games
  7. 9. the anthem is played every night
  8. 10. people that come together and team
  9. 13. a weapon used to hunt
  10. 18. a boy that is hunting down katniss in the games