The Hunger Games

  1. 1. The district that was destroyed
  2. 3. Katniss's stylist
  3. 6. Capitol people that are responsible for constructing the games
  4. 7. What Katniss did to save her sister
  5. 9. Created the Hunger Games
  6. 10. Author of the hunger games
  7. 11. Where the hunger games takes place
  8. 12. Katniss's sister
  9. 15. People who trained their whole lives to compete in the Hunger Games
  10. 16. Creation by the capitol used to spy and record conversations
  11. 18. Beasts or mutations that are released throughout the games to kill people
  12. 19. Poisons food that is lethal if consumed
  13. 21. Traitor to the capitol that have had their tongues cut off
  14. 23. The contestants that are sent to participate in the Hunger Games
  1. 2. A gesture of gratitude, admiration and saying goodbye to someone you love
  2. 4. People that are assigned to keep order in the districts using any kind of measures
  3. 5. Black market where goods are traded
  4. 8. Vehicle made for transporting people to the Hunger Games place
  5. 13. Where the tributes of each district where chosen to participate in the Hunger Games
  6. 14. Place where all the supplies and food are put
  7. 17. People that bet on a person to win and send objects to help them throughout the game
  8. 20. Drunk, won the 50th hunger games, mentor
  9. 22. Poisons wasps created by the capitol