The Hunger Games Crossword

  1. 2. Two people from each district chosen to participate in the games.
  2. 4. The number of players in the Hunger Games
  3. 6. The place where the main characters live
  4. 8. Peeta Mellark made this in his youth
  5. 9. The animal that was on the pin Katniss got from Madge. This creature reminds Katniss of her father.
  6. 11. The berries that killed "Foxface"
  7. 15. District 12's signature salute that they gave to Katniss when she volunteered.
  8. 16. Contestant from District 11
  9. 17. A delicacy in District 12
  10. 20. The primary weapon that Katniss prefers to use.
  1. 1. Contestant from District 12 in the hunger games
  2. 3. When the tributes are chosen
  3. 5. Main character in the Hunger Games
  4. 7. Hazardous mutant insects that characters in the hunger games met.
  5. 10. A weapon that is used in the Hunger Games for hand-to-hand combat.
  6. 12. Tributes that train all their life to be in the games.
  7. 13. The place where all the contestants get their items to use in the games. The only problem is that it is a bloodbath.
  8. 14. Where the president and rich people live
  9. 18. Where the tributes played the games
  10. 19. It is a helpful resource that keeps houses warm on colder days.It is mined in District 12.