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The Lion's Roar Crosswords: You asked for it.

  1. 3. (easy) A lawless meeting spot for pirates in Kul Tiras
  2. 8. (medium) The nobility district in the city of Boralus
  3. 11. (medium) King of all gnomekind
  4. 12. (medium) First Warchief of the Horde
  5. 16. (easy) A Nightborne beverage now popular with many elves and mages
  6. 17. (hard) A race of humanoid plants hailing from another world
  7. 18. (medium) The last king of Lordaeron's last name
  8. 20. (hard) A titan, lord of the skies and oceans
  9. 22. (medium) A lizard-man race, egnineered by the Mogu
  10. 23. (hard) A treeless forest that barely gets any sunlight
  11. 26. (hard) A settlement in the south of the Blasted Lands
  12. 27. (easy) An enigmatic race of mostly traders that hail from another world
  13. 29. (easy) The loa of the Graves
  14. 32. (easy) A region in the south of Kalimdor, now impaled by a massive blade
  15. 35. (hard) Former teacher to Medivh, and royal advisor
  16. 36. (medium) The demand for this resource started the Fourth War
  17. 37. (hard) This massive Pit Lord once ruled over Outland, before Illidan dethroned him
  18. 38. (medium) This Horde faction controls a part of Shattrath City
  1. 1. (medium) A six-legged animal with a powerful bite that lives in swamps
  2. 2. (easy) A cosmic force revered by many races
  3. 4. (hard) An elvish runeblade associated with fire
  4. 5. (medium) The world tree at Mount Hyjal
  5. 6. (medium) These natives of Northrend really enjoy fish... and funnel cakes
  6. 7. (easy) Homeland of the Vulpera
  7. 9. (medium) The current Elemental Lord of Fire
  8. 10. (medium) This mountain in Pandaria might be the highest in all of Azeroth
  9. 13. (easy) Queen of the Red Dragonflight
  10. 14. (easy) Home planet of the Orcs
  11. 15. (hard) The lost capital of the ancient Night Elf empire
  12. 19. (easy) Popular mounts and animal companions for Kaldorei
  13. 21. (easy) A region in Kul Tiras known for its witches
  14. 24. (medium) A magic school dealing with portals
  15. 25. (easy) A demigod who taught the Kaldorei druidism
  16. 28. (easy) The legendary blade of Tirion Fordring
  17. 30. (medium) An infamous necropolis that used to be the seat of Kel'Thuzad
  18. 31. (hard) This group of Mogu invaded Zandalar to support Prophet Zul's attempted coup
  19. 33. (medium) Sailors dread this central area between the continents
  20. 34. (hard) The staff of the Guardian, currently in archmage Khadgar's possession