The Music That Made My Life by Amanda Rose Riley

  1. 2. object of my obsession at 13 (most popular band of all time)
  2. 3. female country trio who headlined the first concert I ever attended at Radio City in 2000
  3. 7. drunk English folk singer for whom I played an impromptu cabin gig
  4. 8. city where I most frequently attend shows
  5. 9. 90s girl group who were my first musical obsession ever
  6. 12. nickname of life-altering cruise I attended both of its years so far
  7. 13. indie record label that several artists in this list have in common
  1. 1. Montreal punk festival and my favorite festival of all-time
  2. 4. shanty punk band that is my current favorite live band
  3. 5. NJ punk band I love and once played on stage with
  4. 6. favorite singer-songwriter, whose cruiseship charity show I crashed
  5. 10. favorite indie female singer-songwriter who also plays in a children's duo
  6. 11. angelic-sounding English singer-songwriter whose cruise cabin gigs I opened