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The Office Crossword

  1. 2. Dwight believes David Wallace hides this drug in his trash
  2. 3. The term Michael uses to describe "Nasty Christmas"
  3. 6. Was decapitated by an 18 wheeler
  4. 8. This actor plays Andy's brother
  5. 11. The fictional brand of suit that Michael accidentally wears
  6. 12. Is proposed to in the office while surrounded by hundreds of lit candles
  7. 14. Goes into business with Jim Halpert
  8. 16. The name of Jan's former assistant
  9. 17. Michael shouts that he has this to the entire office and then refuses to pay his bills
  10. 20. Has the license plate "WLHUNG"
  11. 22. Andy sings all four parts of his ringtone of this song
  12. 23. In order to demonstrate depression, Michael drops this onto a trampoline that lands on Stanley's car
  13. 24. Kevin gets lost in this during the goodbye celebration for Toby
  14. 25. This actor has a one min cameo on the show and tries to get the open position
  15. 26. Michael ate this during the run for diabetes instead of drinking water
  16. 29. The Office's version of The Oscars
  17. 32. Andy tries to impress Erin by giving her gifts from this Christmas song
  18. 34. Reassigns Holly to another department which causes Michael to be heartbroken
  19. 35. Andy is sent away to .... after he punches a hole in the wall
  20. 36. The town where The Office takes place
  21. 39. Jim makes this meal for Pam during the intermission from the reading of "Threat Level Midnight"
  22. 41. This actor became the new branch manager after Michael left, but he only starred in 2-3 episodes
  23. 43. The joke Michael often uses around the office
  24. 45. Jan's former last name
  25. 46. Married a real goofball at work
  26. 48. Michael claimed this character's daughter was sexy so he took down the picture of her
  27. 50. Stanley confides in Michael about his .... which turns out to be a very bad idea
  28. 51. Took over Jan's job and then got fired for embezzlement
  29. 55. The name of Kevin Malone's Police cover band
  30. 56. Michael thinks he sees Tina Fey in NY, but while he goes to look for her, this celebrity actually passes by him
  31. 57. "Wait so the Scranton branch is closing? IN YOUR FACE!"
  32. 58. When Dwight tries to usurp Michael and take his job, Michael punishes him by making Dwight do his .... for a year
  33. 59. The owner of Vance Refridgeration
  34. 60. Jim puts a stapler in this food item twice
  35. 61. The fake dentist Dwight makes up in order for Michael to believe he actually got a dentist appointment
  1. 1. This character gets accidentally run over by Michael in his car
  2. 2. Todd Packer ruins Michael's ... and causes him to believe someone in the office was responsible
  3. 4. Michael creates a fictional spy character by the name of ...
  4. 5. ".... is the new golf course. It's where business happens."
  5. 7. Got himself for secret santa but didn't tell anyone
  6. 8. Plays pranks on co-workers around the office
  7. 9. Has a cat that was left in the fridge by Dwight
  8. 10. When Dwight tries to train Ryan in the ways of business, he uses his cousin .... to scare him
  9. 13. The song on Michael's cell phone during the fire
  10. 15. Michael never stops making fun of Toby because of his ....
  11. 18. Michael gets high at a .... concert from a girl with a lip ring
  12. 19. The business Michael creates when he is fired from Dunder Mifflin
  13. 21. Fell in love with someone who was in love with someone else
  14. 27. Won a free fridge on casino night by stealing other people's chips
  15. 28. Her favorite drink is a shirley temple with 7 maraschino cherries and sugar on the rim
  16. 30. When Michael and Jim are both managers of the branch, Jim sends Ryan to the ... for disobedience
  17. 31. Attempts to punch Jim for kissing Pam
  18. 33. Michael moved him to the back in order to keep him out of sight and mind
  19. 36. Michael's car
  20. 37. Insists that she and Michael are the same age
  21. 38. The social media project Ryan tries to create but unfortunately fails
  22. 40. Got a concussion while trying to pick up Michael for work
  23. 42. The villain in Michael's fictional movie
  24. 44. The fictional bar the characters often visit
  25. 47. Dwight creates in the office this when Jim is on paternity leave
  26. 49. Michael is upset when he gets this during secret santa from Phyllis
  27. 52. Has an affair with a congressman and also receives harassment from Michael
  28. 53. Has the same name as someone else in the office, so she changed her name
  29. 54. The name of Michael's video production company
  30. 57. Pam and Jim move to this city in the series finale