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The Planets of our Solar System

  1. 3. Reclassified as a Dwarf Planet in 2006.
  2. 5. Formed when a supergiant star dies, explodes and collapses due to gravity.
  3. 7. The Planet closest to the sun made of heavy elements.
  4. 9. The scientific theory of the formation of the Universe.
  5. 12. Caused when the Earth rotates through the tail of a Comet.
  6. 13. The least dense Planet in our Solar System.
  7. 14. The Gas Giant that spins on its side.
  8. 15. Rock that is flying through space.
  9. 16. The largest Planet in our Solar System.
  10. 17. The Star at the centre of our Solar System.
  11. 18. The Planet sometimes considered to be Earth's evil twin.
  12. 19. The Planet home to the only known life in our Solar System.
  1. 1. The Space Telescope launched in 1990 that orbits the Earth.
  2. 2. Geologically incative mass that orbits Earth.
  3. 4. Grouping of ice and dust that leaves a tail when it travels through the Inner Solar System.
  4. 6. Groups of stars that form patterns in our night sky.
  5. 7. Rock that lands on Earth from space as it does not completley burn as it enters Earth's atmosphere.
  6. 8. Sometimes referred to as the Red Planet.
  7. 10. Material left over from the formation of the Solar System that moves around the Solar System.
  8. 11. The windiest Planet in our Solar System.
  9. 15. Rock entering the Earth's atmosphere as a shooting star.