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The Rise and Fall of Rome

  1. 7. Caesar took over this area, known as France today.
  2. 11. Julius Caesar and Pompey fought for power over Rome, who won?
  3. 12. government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to select their leaders (Representative Democracy).
  4. 15. type of government did Rome have under Augustus?
  5. 16. and Carthage fought in the Punic Wars over control of the __________________ Sea.
  6. 17. series of three wars between Rome and Carthage (264-146 B.C.); resulted in the destruction of Carthage and Rome's dominance over the western Mediterranean.
  7. 18. of Carthage during the Punic Wars.
  8. 20. Caesar forced the Roman Senate to make him:
  9. 21. group assassinated Julius Caesar in the Ides of March?
  10. 24. landowners who controlled Roman government and society
  11. 30. officer of ancient Rome elected by the plebeians to protect their rights.
  12. 31. was protected by these mountains.
  1. 1. people chosen to represent the upper class patricians. This was the most powerful part of the Roman government, with its 300 members appointed for life.
  2. 2. is to Rome as ____________ is to Greece.
  3. 3. soldiers lost their farms, they moved to the cities and experienced widespread: ____________.
  4. 4. the Senate, and the Assembly all make up the _____________________.
  5. 5. times of crisis, a ___________ would take absolute power for six months.
  6. 6. __________ was one of two officials who shared the powers of ruling the republic and running the government and army. One year terms.
  7. 8. planets in the Solar System are named after Roman _____.
  8. 9. the _________ Triumvirate: Antony, Octavian, Lepidus; marked the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Empire.
  9. 10. mythology was based on the polytheistic religion of this place: _________
  10. 13. year period of peace in Rome.
  11. 14. such as "innocent until proven guilty" are part of Rome's law code, shown in the:
  12. 19. known as Octavian, The first emperor of Rome, the adopted son of Julius Caesar, help Rome come into Pax Romana (the Age of Roman Peace)
  13. 22. and workers who made up most of the Roman Population (the common people of Rome)
  14. 23. created a Civil Service system to help manage:
  15. 25. established a uniform system of money, and guaranteed safe travel on roads, in order to promote:
  16. 26. is located on the __________ Peninsula.
  17. 27. is to Rome as ________ is to Greece.
  18. 28. Plebeians, and slaves are the main three ______classes of Rome.
  19. 29. _______ Trimumvirate designates a group of three rulers (Caesar, Pompey and Crassus)who ruled ancient Rome with equal authority