The Role of Storytelling in Traditional Crafts

  1. 3. An object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest. Traditional crafts are referred to as relics, emphasizing their historical significance.
  2. 5. Lasting for a very short time. In contrast to traditional crafts, the article mentions the ephemeral nature of digital content.
  3. 7. Channels or tubes for conveying fluids or, in a figurative sense, a means of transmitting or distributing something. In the context of quilting, it refers to the role of crafts in transmitting stories and culture.
  4. 10. A projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall, used to allow defensive fire in several directions. Metaphorically, traditional crafts are a bastion of cultural heritage, defending and preserving it.
  5. 11. A manuscript or piece of writing that has been written on, scraped off, and used again. In quilting, this term refers to the layering and reworking of materials and stories.
  6. 15. Skilled craft workers who make or create things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative, such as furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, household items, and tools.
  1. 1. Of, involving, or absorbed in meditation or considered thought. The crafting process is described as a meditative act, emphasizing its thoughtful and reflective nature.
  2. 2. Originally, a manuscript or piece of writing material on which later writing has been superimposed on effaced earlier writing. It metaphorically represents layers of stories and history in traditional crafts like quilting.
  3. 4. A factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence. Quilts during significant historical periods acted as chronicles, recording and reflecting the times.
  4. 6. Full of energy and life. The article describes traditional crafts like quilting and basket weaving as vibrant expressions of storytelling.
  5. 8. A strong defense or fort, or a place or system in which something (such as an old-fashioned idea) continues to survive. Traditional crafts are described as a bastion of cultural preservation.
  6. 9. The act or instance of continuing or the state of being continued. Crafts are seen as a continuation of stories and cultural heritage.
  7. 12. More important than anything else; supreme. The role of storytelling in crafts is described as paramount, highlighting its utmost importance.
  8. 13. Something that serves as a sign or evidence of a fact, event, or quality. Basket weaving patterns serve as a testament to cultural heritage and storytelling.
  9. 14. A form of textile art, traditionally woven by hand on a loom, featuring complex pictorial or decorative designs. In the context of the article, it symbolizes the intricate and multifaceted nature of storytelling in crafts.