The Saints!

  1. 2. Saint Gemma-Usually, you have to wait until you get to heaven to see Jesus and Mary, but I could see them while I was______.
  2. 4. Our Lady of Guadalupe-I appeared to Saint Juan Diego and asked for a______ to be built in my honor, but the bishop did not believe him.
  3. 6. Saint Bernedet-When I was a young girl I saw a _____of the Blessed Mother!
  4. 7. Saint Lucy-I lived during a time when the______ of my land, Sicily, did not want anyone to be Christian.
  5. 8. Saint Zoe- God granted me a through Saint Sebastian ______and my speech.
  1. 1. Saint Bakhita-The two virtues I am know for are____ and forgiveness.
  2. 3. Saint Therese of Lisieux-When I was only 15 years old I wanted to join the
  3. 4. Our lady of Fatima-I appeared to three little_____ named Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco.
  4. 5. Blessed Mother-God sent an angel named Gabriel to me and asked me to be the_____ of God.