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The Garden of Clues

  1. 4. Difficult or impossible to understand, What Misseltwaite Manor is (10 letters).
  2. 6. Arousing curiosity or catching the attention, What Mary thought the Moor was (11 letters).
  3. 7. Not giving proper care to someone or something, Colin's dad is this(10 letters)
  4. 8. Exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way,Mary when she wants something (10 letters).
  5. 12. A tract of open uncultivated upland, where Dickon spends most of his time (4 letters).
  6. 13. a married white or upper - class woman, Mary's mother's nickname (8 letters).
  7. 14. ( of a person's skin )of an unhealthy yellow or pale brown colour, Mary's complexion was described as this (6 letters).
  8. 17. ( of a place )empty of people, the Bungalow after the outbreak of Cholera (8 letters).
  9. 18. Avoiding the company of other people, How Mr. Craven is (9 letters).
  10. 19. an infectious and fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine, caused servants to run away (7 letters).
  11. 20. Kind and pleasant,what Martha is to Mary (8 letters).
  1. 1. Fond of or given to chatting, Mrs. Medlock is this (9 letters).
  2. 2. Bad - tempered and unfriendly, What Mary is to Basil (5 letters).
  3. 3. a non - married white or upper - class girl, Mary's nickname the servants gave her (11 letters)
  4. 5. The fact or state of being independent, Mary wanted this (12 letters).
  5. 9. A county of northern England, Mrs. Medlock told Martha to stop speaking this (9 letters).
  6. 10. nurse or maid native to India, had the first name of Saidie (4 letters).
  7. 11. Opposite in nature, direction and meaning, Mary's nickname given by Basil (8 letters).
  8. 15. Giving or ready to help, Martha is this to Mary (7 letters).
  9. 16. poorly lit so as to appear frightening, the mansion on the edge of the moor is this (7 letters).