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The Solar System

  1. 3. The asteroid belt may have formed a planet if it weren't for Jupiter's ________.
  2. 4. The center of a comet is called the _____.
  3. 6. Most of the asteroids in our solar system are located here.
  4. 8. This is the most eye-catching of all of Jupiter's storms.
  5. 12. The axis Uranus rotates on is nearly _________ to the line it orbits the sun on.
  6. 13. Every planet has an ___________ above its surface that may or may not protect it from most incoming objects.
  7. 16. The smallest moon in our solar system.
  8. 17. Neptune's biggest moon.
  9. 18. Planet with the most moons.
  10. 19. This planet has the largest volcano in our solar system.
  1. 1. Who created the first sun centered model of our solar system?
  2. 2. Some planets' ______ may have been snatched or stolen from the asteroid belt.
  3. 5. The first model of our solar system was an ______ centered model.
  4. 7. The largest known moon in our solar system.
  5. 9. The tail of a comet always points _____ from the sun.
  6. 10. This dwarf planet used to be considered a planet.
  7. 11. A meteoroid that strikes Earth.
  8. 14. The center of our solar system.
  9. 15. The number of planets in our solar system that have rings.