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The Transplantation Puzzle

  1. 2. Units to measure DSAs by Single Bead technique
  2. 7. Maintenance immunosuppression agent given once a month
  3. 8. Two times #Nephmadness Champion; tool for risk stratification of donors
  4. 9. Drug used for the treatment of ABMR which is active against Memory B cells
  5. 10. ABOi desensitization protocol without using Rituximab comes from__________
  6. 12. Tissue from genetically non identical donor from same species is called_________
  7. 14. Novel therapy from a bacteria helps ameliorate Anti HLA Antibodies
  8. 15. Positive _________is contraindication to transplant
  1. 1. VIsit this Canadian town to learn about about Classification systems
  2. 3. Useful in removing Anti A/B antibodies in ABOi transplant
  3. 4. Biologist who did important work in transplant and got nobel prize for discovery of 'Acquired Immunological Tolerance'
  4. 5. Trial showing successful transplantation of HCV positive kidneys into negative recipients
  5. 6. Father of Modern Transplantation
  6. 7. Place which witnessed the first successful kidney transplant
  7. 11. Malignancy with very high risk post transplant
  8. 13. Don't forget this important Non HLA Antibody