The Ultimate Crew Kids Easter/Spring Crossword Puzzle

  1. 2. A female rabbit
  2. 4. The first Easter baskets were designed to resemble birds' ____
  3. 7. Country that brought us the tradition of Easter Eggs
  4. 10. What the egg is a symbol of
  5. 12. Country with the largest collection of Easter eggs
  6. 13. For last year's Easter prank, the Brouns got ____ed
  7. 15. On Easter Sunday we celebrate Christ's _____
  8. 16. Birds are more vocal in Spring to attract _____
  9. 17. First Day of Spring is known as the _____ equinox
  10. 18. Who we rely on to tell us if Spring is coming early
  11. 22. 76% of people eat this part of their chocolate bunny first
  12. 24. Anglo-Saxon goddess that Easter is named for
  13. 25. Flower associated with Easter
  1. 1. the date of Easter changes each year because of the phases of this
  2. 3. Name of the "Easter Hare" in Germany
  3. 5. Yellow flower that blooms in Spring
  4. 6. Gender of last year's winning team in the Crewlywed game
  5. 8. One of the earliest Easter treats given to the poor by European monks during Lent
  6. 9. Crew family with Christmas lights seen all over Wallingford
  7. 11. According to Greek myth, Spring coincides with the return of this goddess of plants and fertility
  8. 14. Last name of author from whom Peter Cottontail got his name
  9. 19. Creator of fun activities for Crew Kids on Easter
  10. 20. Singer of the original version of Peter Cottontail
  11. 21. Easter word meanig "Lengthening of Days"
  12. 23. Favorite color of Easter Sunday pancake maker (also most popular jelly bean color)
  13. 26. Animal representing the blood that Hebrews had to put on their doors so the angel would pass over their home