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The Vampire Diaries

  1. 3. Elena’s first boyfriend, everybody dates him at least once , bffs with Jeremy
  2. 5. Best friends with Stefan, honest, judgmental, we adore them they are the best, confident, savage
  3. 7. Owns a red Porsche, gets heartbroken and kills, deserves better
  4. 9. parents, girlfriends, everybody around him always ends up dead, always dies but never for long
  5. 12. Appears in literally one episode but is mentioned like 25 times
  1. 1. First Vampire enjoys unnecessarily snapping necks, falls in love easily, way too easily
  2. 2. Disguises as a crow, likes sleeping on roads, everybody he loves dies
  3. 4. Suffers too much, puts friends before family, boyfriends always die
  4. 6. villain/hero, ARTISTE, lonely gets sad and murders, hated by their own family, people are always attempting their murder but they stay loyal to them
  5. 8. Familyless, literally all his/her family has died(most murdered by the same person) very hatable just annoying
  6. 10. Unlucky,Orphan, plays with people, everybody needs them for something, too important in peoples lives
  7. 11. has a thing for hearts, suffers, loves his family, “ALWAYS AND FOREVER” NIKLAUSS