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Theme: Spring

  1. 2. A bird whose arrival signals the return of spring here in the United States.
  2. 7. This flower has its own festival up in Pella.
  3. 9. Jokes on you on this holiday.
  4. 10. This lawn staple is finally returning to us after a long winter hibernating.
  5. 13. They're sprouting, blooming and growing all over this season.
  6. 15. There's one in spring, as well as one in fall. It marks the official beginning of spring.
  1. 1. The soggier version of the snow from winter.
  2. 3. A lot of other animals are welcoming these into the world right now.
  3. 4. Drown in green, shamrocks and leprechauns on this holiday.
  4. 5. The part of spring all us exhausted students are looking forward to most, to be honest.
  5. 6. A flower often considered to be the herald of spring,
  6. 8. Hunt down some eggs on this holiday.
  7. 11. What the snow ought to be doing right now...
  8. 12. Considered a sign of new life, these are proliferating on the trees, shrubs and other plants.
  9. 14. Dye this or hide plastic versions of this in the grass to celebrate Easter.