1. 2. A state that is also an island in the United States where tourists visit a lot on vacation
  2. 3. Don't forget to apply _________ before going out in summer weather
  3. 4. The climate during the summer months in the United States can be described as being:
  4. 8. This frozen treat is often enjoyed on a stick
  5. 11. This refreshing fruit is eaten a lot during summer barbecues
  6. 13. The main star in the solar system
  7. 15. This sport is often played on the beach
  8. 16. A state in the southern United States known for it's beaches and sunny weather; its nicknamed the Sunshine State
  9. 18. This item of clothing is used when we go in the water
  10. 20. This frozen treat is creamy and often served in a cone
  11. 21. In this sport, a board is used to ride waves in the ocean
  1. 1. When people travel on a large boat to different tourist spots in different countries
  2. 3. People build these structures with sand on the beach
  3. 5. During the summer, people flock to the beaches to enjoy swimming in this landform
  4. 6. This is used to dry off after being in the water
  5. 7. A large hole filled up with water so we can swim
  6. 9. These are used to protect our eyes from the sun's UV rays
  7. 10. During this month, Americans celebrate Independence Day
  8. 12. This industry gets a huge boost during summer since that is when a lot of people go on vacations to different places
  9. 14. Since there is no school to attend we can stay in bed and _____ all day
  10. 17. This is the month when summer vacation comes to an end
  11. 19. The first day of summer begins in this month every year