ToK - History

  1. 1. various perspectives of the past
  2. 5. An element in determining the significance of an event
  3. 8. Philosopher who stressed economic considerations in explaining the past
  4. 9. NOT a good model for generating historical explanations
  5. 11. A lack of objectivity does NOT necessarily imply this
  6. 12. Those who do not know this are said to be doomed to repeat it
  7. 15. History is an important factor in a nation's ....
  8. 16. Helps to avoid overt bias in the creation of historical accounts (4,6)
  9. 18. An vital quality of source material
  10. 20. Important source for those studying the past
  11. 21. A problem that arises at the start of a historical enquiry
  12. 22. The sheer number of these make uniform patterns in History unlikely if not impossible
  13. 23. The need to update and modify explanations of the past
  1. 2. By its nature, History is created in this
  2. 3. One who claims to know the future, based on a knowledge of the past
  3. 4. Quote: History is nothing but the ..... of great men
  4. 6. The study of History as a discipline
  5. 7. Required to put oneself 'in the shoes' of the people of the time
  6. 10. Helps to provide a more well-rounded explanation of the past
  7. 13. Attempt to provide one over-arching framework for understanding the past
  8. 14. This is NOT the aim of History
  9. 17. Created by Historians to explain the past
  10. 19. Because "facts do not speak for themselves"