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  1. 3. The place where someone or something is going
  2. 5. A holiday on a large ship, sailing from place to place
  3. 6. To decide that an organized event will not now happen
  4. 7. A place where planes regularly take off and land.
  5. 8. When you travel from one place to another.
  6. 10. A town by the sea or by a river which has a harbour.
  7. 13. A short journey usually made for pleasure.
  8. 16. Place where a bus stops to allow passengers to get on/off.
  9. 17. Someone travelling in a vehicle but not controlling it.
  1. 1. A place where trains stop so you can get on or off.
  2. 2. Someone whose job is to check that you have a ticket.
  3. 4. Make an event happen later than originally planned.
  4. 9. Roads or paths you follow to travel
  5. 10. The area in a railway station where you get on/off trains.
  6. 11. Bags you carry with you when you are travelling
  7. 12. Piece of paper that shows you have paid to do something
  8. 14. A list of dates and times showing when things happen.
  9. 15. A place where taxis wait for passengers