1. 2. A portable bag with a handle and wheels; used for carrying clothes and other personal things.
  2. 5. A vehicle designed for air.
  3. 6. The activity of visiting places of interest in a particular location.
  4. 7. A cushion which you rest your head on while travelling.
  5. 8. A railway vehicle that is moved by a locomotive and has connected wagons.
  6. 11. An act people do on holidays, using their cameras.
  7. 13. A vehicle for travelling on water.
  8. 14. Apartments, flats or houses people rent on special websites for their holidays.
  9. 15. A large ship (like a hotel) that carries people on trips for pleasure.
  10. 20. A portable, small bag which holds products for body hygiene.
  1. 1. An act of paying for a thing that will help you remember a certain place or holiday.
  2. 3. An act of communicating and spending time with a person who lives in a particular area or neighbourhood.
  3. 4. A large road vehicle that is able to carry a larger amount of passengers.
  4. 9. A building in which people stay and pay for rooms and meals.
  5. 10. A four-wheeled road vehicle that is able to carry a small amount of people.
  6. 12. A device that is used to recharge a battery of a phone.
  7. 16. An act of finding helpful information about a certain place.
  8. 17. holder A case designed for holding a wallet (or a passport).
  9. 18. A place which offers overnight accomodation and a breakfast.
  10. 19. A place that offers cheap bed and meals for a specific group of people (etc.,travellers).