1. 1. permission to go to another country
  2. 4. tour one price for a vacation including flights, hotel, food, etc
  3. 5. Coins and paper bills used as money
  4. 9. Place where there is no water
  5. 11. Place to store things
  6. 12. a flight get into a plane
  7. 15. Document to follow so as not to get lost
  8. 17. when you fly to one city have to stop in another city on your way
  9. 18. exchange the ratio of one country's currency to another
  10. 19. Serves to dry after bathing
  1. 2. bag It serves to sleep away from home
  2. 3. to go somewhere to see a specific building or famous landmark; looking at places of interest
  3. 5. the place where people check your bags in an airport, etc when you go to another country
  4. 6. walk around with no special place you want to go; just looking
  5. 7. Shoes to wear in summer
  6. 8. resort A place where a lot of people go on vacation connecting flight A flight in which the traveler must change planes once, twice or even more times to get to his or her destination.
  7. 10. Cream not to burn
  8. 13. get free ride in a car by standing on the side of the road with your thumb out
  9. 14. pass The document provided to the passenger that permits the passenger to board the aircraft and claim a specific seat
  10. 16. terminal It is where passengers are able to get on and off aircraft.