1. 1. The dry, unpopulated inland region of Australia.
  2. 7. Coins and paper bills used as money.
  3. 9. An area where there are few people living; an area still in its natural state.
  4. 12. Not changed or damaged by people.
  5. 15. Not common, rare.
  6. 18. It serves to protect you from sunlight.
  7. 19. The only one of its kind.
  8. 20. It's what you take with you on your trip.
  1. 2. It is an object that serves to put things and then hang them to make it more comfortable.
  2. 3. Walk around with no special place you want to go; just looking.
  3. 4. It is an object that flies to entertain you when you are bored.
  4. 5. Is a form of low-cost, independent travel.
  5. 6. It is the moment when you start to travel.
  6. 8. Permission to go to another country.
  7. 10. To go somewhere to see a specific building or famous landmark; looking at places of interest.
  8. 11. It's something you plan ahead.
  9. 13. When you fly to one city have to stop in another city on your way.
  10. 14. It serves to breathe.
  11. 16. It is an object that serves to dry something that is wet.
  12. 17. It is an object that helps you not to lose yourself.