1. 2. a time when someone does not go to work or school and is free to do whatever they like, such as relax or travel.
  2. 5. a place that has hotels, bars, restaurants and activities for people on holiday.
  3. 6. a person travelling on holiday, visiting a place.
  4. 10. visitors who are staying at your house.
  5. 11. a large town, for example Madrid or Dubai.
  6. 12. carries people or goods on rails.
  7. 15. the name given to different kinds of money.
  8. 16. interesting places that people go to see.
  9. 18. the train stops here.
  10. 19. a small piece of paper given to a person to show that they have paid for an event or journey.
  1. 1. a small book that shows a person's identity and nationality.
  2. 3. a place where aircraft take off and land.
  3. 4. a place where you sleep when you are on holiday.
  4. 7. a booking or guaranteed place.
  5. 8. what you carry your luggage in.
  6. 9. a large vehicle for travelling on water.
  7. 12. you can fold it up and carry it with you to create a shelter wherever you like.
  8. 13. the people who work on a ship or in a plane.
  9. 14. someone whose job it is to give information about a place people are visiting and show them around.
  10. 17. a nice pale bronze colour on your skin caused by being in the sun.