1. 3. A deep cut that is made through land and filled with water for boats ar ships to travel along
  2. 5. Taxi
  3. 7. The act of travelling from one place to another, usually on land
  4. 8. A large boat used for carrying passengers or goods by sea
  5. 10. The place at an airport, etc. where government officials check your luggage to make sure you are not bringing goods into the country illegally
  6. 12. An area of land that is covered with trees
  7. 16. A holiday in which you travel on a ship
  8. 18. The mass of salt water that coveres most of the surface of the earth
  9. 21. Bags, suitcases etc used for carrying sb's clothes
  10. 24. In or to another country or countris
  11. 25. Visiting the sights of a city as a tourist
  12. 26. A person who staying at a hotel
  13. 28. A journey to a place and back again, either for pleasure or for a particular purpose
  14. 30. A large area of land, usually covered with hot sand
  15. 31. A boat that carries people, vehicles or goods across a river or across a narrow part of the sea
  16. 33. Sleeping or having a holiday in a tent
  17. 36. A large area of water that is surrounde by land
  18. 37. The place where sb/sth is going
  19. 40. A journey that you make for pleasure during which you visit many places
  20. 41. A thick forest in tropical parts of the world that have a lot of rain
  21. 42. A person who flies an aircraft
  22. 43. A type of transport that is pulled by an engine along a railway line
  1. 1. The salt water that covers large parts of the surface of the earth
  2. 2. A small aircraft that can go straight up into the air
  3. 4. A person who visits a place for pleasure
  4. 6. A part of the coast wher the land goes in to form a curve
  5. 9. A comfortable bus used for long journyes
  6. 11. A railway system under the ground
  7. 13. An official mark or piece of paper that shows you are allowed to enter, leave or travel thruogh a country
  8. 14. To ask for a seat, table, room to be available at a future time
  9. 15. The town or city where the government is
  10. 16. To get out of one bus, train, etc. and get into another
  11. 17. A long journey by sea or in space
  12. 19. A large, natural flow of water that goes across land and into the sea
  13. 20. The area of land that is next to or close to the sea
  14. 22. Small vehicle that is used for travelling across water
  15. 23. A place where aircraft can land and take off and that has buildings for passengers to wait in
  16. 27. A fast modern plane
  17. 29. An area of sand or small stones beside the sea
  18. 31. A journey by air
  19. 32. The amount of money you pay to travel by bus, train, taxi, etc.
  20. 34. A car with a driver whose job is to take you somewhere in exchange for money
  21. 35. A vey high hill
  22. 38. A piece of land that is surrounded by land
  23. 39. A large area of land covered with trees
  24. 42. An official document that identifies you as a citizen of a particular country and that you have to show when you enter or leaveea of land tht a country