1. 2. A receipt with a seat number
  2. 4. A flight to a single destination and a return.
  3. 6. Travel that ensures that there is high availability in destinations, accommodations, attractions, products, and services to all people.
  4. 8. A prearranged, prepaid journey to one or more destinations that generally returns to the point of origin, is usually arranged with an itinerary of leisure activities, and includes at least two travel elements.
  5. 10. An advance payment required to obtain and confirm space.
  6. 13. the ability to move around on a ship without losing balance and without sea sickness.
  7. 14. This is the majority of adult travelers.
  8. 15. A less expensive time to travel as result of lower consumer volume during these periods.
  9. 16. Large landmasses that the world is divided into, by convention, although it is generally-accepted that there are seven.
  10. 19. An item or specific interest to travelers, such as natural wonders, manmade facilities and structures, entertainment, and activities.
  11. 23. Population measures, such as age, gender, income, education, race/ethnicity, religion, marital status, household size, and occupation.
  12. 25. The geographic place to which a traveller is going.
  13. 26. Any establishment that provides shelter and overnight accommodations to travellers.
  14. 27. an inexpensive accommodation, usually dormitory style, popular with the student crowd.
  15. 29. Local transportation and porterage from one carrier terminal to another, from a terminal to a hotel, or from a hotel to an attraction.
  16. 32. a schedule of prices/fares.
  17. 33. Portion of a journey between two scheduled stops.
  18. 34. The total number of seats allowed to be sold at a particular rate.
  19. 35. Similar shared traits or characteristics unique to an ethnic group, region, or nation.
  20. 36. One who travels.
  1. 1. an option, usually at extra cost.
  2. 3. A room that is only guaranteed to comfortably accommodate one guest.
  3. 5. Tourism directed at exotic and/or endangered destinations while fostering an environmental understanding and conservation.
  4. 7. A flight that travels directly to its destination without connections or layovers.
  5. 9. Overnight accommodations usually in a private home or boarding house, often with breakfast included in one rate.
  6. 11. the amount of money you have available to spend in your plans.
  7. 12. usually a stamp in a passport allowing entry into a country for a specific purpose and a finite amount of time.
  8. 17. A destination’s high season when demand is strong. Also called the high season.
  9. 18. a style of cooking characterized by distinctive ingredients, techniques and dishes associated with a specific culture or geographic region.
  10. 20. the federal agency charged with collecting duty on specified items imported into the country. The agency also restricts the entry of forbidden items.
  11. 21. A list of a tour’s or entire trip’s schedule and major travel elements.
  12. 22. A person qualified (and often certified) to conduct tours of specific locations or attractions.
  13. 24. the activity of visiting interesting places, especially by people on holiday
  14. 28. a period of time spent during a trip, sometimes overnight, while waiting for a transportation connection – usually a change of planes.
  15. 30. person or vehicle leaving for somewhere
  16. 31. sold for one price that includes charges and fees that are often added separately.