1. 6. The money that is used in a particular country.
  2. 10. For example "ƚniardwy".
  3. 11. A thief who steals things out of pockets or bags.
  4. 14. You carry it on your back when you go for a walk.
  5. 16. You wear them to protect your eyes from the sun.
  6. 20. You put it on your skin to protect it from the sun.
  7. 21. You use it when the battery in your phone is flat.
  8. 23. Very attractive. PICTURE (n.) -> ... (adj.)
  9. 24. You use it when you go to the forest to repel mosquitoes and ticks.
  10. 26. A place to stay while you are on holiday.
  11. 29. You need to do it with your documents in case you lose them.
  12. 32. A box containing basic medical equipment.
  1. 1. You use it to see things far away more clearly.
  2. 2. "Mazury" in English.
  3. 3. Waterproof boots that you wear when it is rainy.
  4. 4. "Wilczy Szaniec" in English.
  5. 5. You need them if you go to a tropical country in order not to catch a tropical disease.
  6. 7. When you go abroad you should .... local customs and dress codes.
  7. 8. People travel to .... their horizons (to become wiser).
  8. 9. Some people travel to ....... from it all.
  9. 12. A synonym for a "thick" forest.
  10. 13. A style of cooking characteristic of a particular country.
  11. 15. It protects you from the rain.
  12. 17. Continue to live or exist, especially after coming close to dying.
  13. 18. That book gives information for visitors about a place.
  14. 19. You take it to take pictures.
  15. 22. This is a synonym for 'walk'. You can ... along white sandy beaches.
  16. 25. You buy them when you are on holiday for yourself or for your friends.
  17. 27. A large group of people.
  18. 28. You buy it before you go on holiday in case of an accident or injury.
  19. 30. A place full of activity or people (adj.)
  20. 31. The synonym for "get to know" (local customs).