1. 6. A period of time when someone takes a break from work or school to travel or relax.
  2. 9. A container used for packing clothes and other items for travel.
  3. 12. A place where airplanes take off and land, and passengers go through security.
  4. 14. A place where people can pitch a tent or park an RV for overnight camping.
  5. 16. A vacation that involves traveling on a ship and visiting multiple destinations.
  6. 17. A type of bag that's worn on the back, often used for hiking or travel.
  7. 18. A budget-friendly lodging option, often used by backpackers and students.
  8. 19. A service that allows homeowners to rent out their properties to travelers.
  9. 20. A place that offers lodging and other amenities for travelers.
  10. 21. A form of outdoor exercise that involves walking on trails or in natural areas.
  1. 1. A person who travels to a place for pleasure or interest, often from another country.
  2. 2. A vehicle that's used for air travel, often the fastest way to travel long distances.
  3. 3. A sandy or pebbly area near the ocean, often used for swimming and sunbathing.
  4. 4. A document that allows you to travel on a plane, train, or bus.
  5. 5. A place where objects of artistic, historical, or scientific importance are displayed.
  6. 7. Paper or coins that are used as a medium of exchange in a foreign country.
  7. 8. A guided visit to a place of interest, often on a bus or walking tour.
  8. 10. A famous or significant building or monument that's often visited by tourists.
  9. 11. A form of travel that involves carrying all of your belongings in a backpack and staying in hostels or campsites.
  10. 13. A person who lives in a particular place and knows it well.
  11. 15. A document that allows you to travel to foreign countries.