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Travel 3

  1. 2. A type of letter you send to family back home with a picture of the place you are on holidays at the front
  2. 5. / Nice brown colour on your skin after your holidays
  3. 6. What you use to take photos when on holidays
  4. 8. /A nice feeling you get when on holidays
  5. 10. / A fancy building where people stay on their holidays
  6. 11. / You need them before you take a plane or train. You can't travel without one
  7. 12. / You put all your clothes into these when travelling
  1. 1. / People who work on a ship or a plane
  2. 3. An item you bring back to family and friends from your holiday
  3. 4. / You ...... a holiday if you are sick
  4. 5. / Person travelling on a holiday
  5. 7. / Where you find sand, sea and ice-cream. You can get burned here if your not careful!
  6. 9. A list you make about what you are going to do each day when you are on holidays
  7. 13. / The train stops here