1. 3. A vacation on a ship, typically with stops at various ports.
  2. 4. A permit allowing a person to enter or stay in a foreign country.
  3. 6. The natural features of an area, such as mountains, forests, and beaches.
  4. 11. Arrangements made in advance for accommodations, transportation, or activities.
  5. 12. Beautiful and picturesque, often referring to views or locations.
  6. 13. Willing to take risks and try new things, especially in travel.
  7. 15. A facility where airplanes take off and land, serving as a travel hub.
  8. 16. A document issued by a government that allows a person to travel abroad.
  9. 17. A well-known and easily recognizable feature or location.
  10. 20. A plan or schedule of places to visit during a trip.
  11. 22. The style of cooking and the types of food associated with a particular region or culture.
  1. 1. A long trip or voyage, especially one involving personal development.
  2. 2. An item purchased as a memento of a trip.
  3. 5. Visiting and touring places of interest in a new location.
  4. 7. A person who travels to explore new places and experiences.
  5. 8. Walking in natural environments, often on trails and in the countryside.
  6. 9. A budget accommodation where travelers can rent a bed in a shared dormitory.
  7. 10. A traveler who carries their belongings in a backpack and often stays in budget accommodations.
  8. 14. The place where a traveler intends to go.
  9. 18. An exciting and unusual experience, often involving travel to new places.
  10. 19. A book that provides information about a specific travel destination.
  11. 21. To travel to new or unknown places in order to discover them.