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travel vocabulary

  1. 3. the act of informing customs of the items being carried
  2. 5. you can rely on them to keep their word and promises
  3. 7. careful, doesn’t take risks
  4. 8. the act of borrowing a vehicle for a period of time
  5. 9. wants to achieve a lot at work or study
  6. 13. thinks outside the box, is inventive, artistic
  7. 16. a building where people wait for a train
  8. 17. this person’s mood changes often and easily
  9. 18. a train that travels under the ground through tunnels
  10. 20. makes a lot of effort
  11. 23. appeals to people, has charm
  12. 24. a person who operates a vehicle
  13. 26. a long piece of strong thin material used to secure people in a vehicle
  14. 29. full of energy, enjoys being active
  15. 30. a policy which protects people when they travel
  16. 32. acts earnestly, doesn’t joke around
  17. 34. believes in their own success
  18. 36. chatty, talks a lot
  19. 37. is not afraid to speak their mind and ask for what they need
  1. 1. the items which a person takes/brings on a journey
  2. 2. friendly, likes to talk and engage with other people
  3. 4. an area for people to wait for a train
  4. 6. reserved, doesn’t speak loudly
  5. 10. a journey which goes outside of the country
  6. 11. willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.
  7. 12. domineering, likes giving orders
  8. 14. plans things carefully, keeps things tidy
  9. 15. a journey which takes place within the same country
  10. 19. a person who moves from one place to another
  11. 21. area where people wait before the get on to the plane
  12. 22. practical, functional, makes wise decisions, smart
  13. 25. a vehicle for carrying a small amount of goods
  14. 27. concentrating on a thought, considerate of others
  15. 28. a vehicle for carrying a large amount of goods
  16. 31. an important document necessary for travel
  17. 33. gets hurt and offended easily
  18. 35. a piece of paper or card used as documentation to allow travel