1. 3. Area between rows on the plane.
  2. 7. Delta is this.
  3. 10. When it snows you have to wait is called a.
  4. 11. To make a call you go to this place.
  5. 14. When you go to a new place you.
  6. 15. The place you go to board the plane.
  7. 17. You make this before you go eat at a fancy restaurant.
  8. 18. The person who flys the plane.
  9. 19. The person who assist you on the plane.
  10. 20. They check this before you get on the plane.
  1. 1. When in a dangerous situation people tell you to be.
  2. 2. This person helps you at his/her job.
  3. 4. What you walk through to get to the plane.
  4. 5. This is the person visiting another country called.
  5. 6. A room with one bed.
  6. 8. You pack this for a vacation.
  7. 9. This person shows you around.
  8. 12. When you get back from a trip to put your clothes up you do this.
  9. 13. They do this to your bag before you go on the plane.
  10. 16. When something makes you happy you are...