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  1. 5. Take care of something or someone (a pet, a place, a baby, etc)
  2. 6. Leave your home to spend time somewhere else, usually for a holiday.
  3. 11. Accept a situation or a problem that you don’t like because you can’t change it.
  4. 14. Go to the place where somebody is leaving from
  5. 15. When you travel to lots of places in a city or country and a guide tells you about the interesting things you can see.
  6. 16. Go to the reception desk of a hotel to pay your bill before you leave.
  1. 1. Start a journey
  2. 2. Travel with a very small amount of luggage.
  3. 3. Go to the reception desk of a hotel to say you have arrived and to get the key to your room.
  4. 4. Travel to different places in the same town/city/area.
  5. 7. When you travel from one place to another place.
  6. 8. Feel happy and excited about something that is going to happen.
  7. 9. When you go to a place for a short time and then come back.
  8. 10. Do something in order to solve a problem or achieve something.
  9. 12. Return to a place after you have been somewhere else.
  10. 13. Go to a place where somebody is waiting and take them where they want to go.