Trident Security Series

  1. 4. SEAL Team Nick Sawyer is on.
  2. 10. Name of the country club in Vegas that held the wedding Mitch attended with Tyler and Tori.
  3. 11. Harper Williams's real first name.
  4. 16. What the T. stands for in T. Carter.
  5. 17. Name of the K9 training company Kat worked for in Portland, Oregon.
  6. 18. Name of underground organization that helps abused women escape and start a new life.
  7. 20. Name of Russell's service dog.
  8. 23. The charity/organization Dr. Marie Sawyer volunteers for.
  9. 24. Name of the bar where Curt first met Dana with Eric.
  10. 25. Term of endearment Carter uses on Mic that she yells at him for.
  11. 26. What Mitch says Jake is doing every time he wears his leather vest to The Covenant.
  12. 28. Name of the black-ops agency Carter and Jordyn work for.
  13. 32. The three-part pendant Nick and Tyler both received from their Masters.
  14. 33. Carter's foster sister's first name.
  15. 34. Last name of Angie's art teacher who discovered her talent.
  16. 35. Nickname the Sawyer brothers' father goes by.
  17. 37. What those who wear gold vests in The Covenant are called.
  18. 39. What Trident's new helicopter pilot's call sign is short for.
  19. 40. The lead male character in Kristen's Leather & Lace
  20. 41. The piece of BDSM equipment/tool Kristen fears the most.
  21. 42. What Brody's four-year-old twin neighbors call him.
  22. 43. Spanky's breed.
  23. 44. What baby JD's initials stand for.
  1. 1. Last name of the Clearwater cop Jake dated before Nick.
  2. 2. Name of the whiskey that is used for the toast in Whiskey Tribute.
  3. 3. The small town in Colorado where Carter first infiltrates the neo-Nazi group in No Way in Hell.
  4. 5. The South American country Jordyn originally from.
  5. 6. The part of the body Nick was shot in.
  6. 7. What Master Stefan teaches at the club.
  7. 8. Last name of crooked senator in Leather & Lace.
  8. 9. Where Ian and Angie's wedding reception was.
  9. 12. The term of endearment Marco uses for Harper that has a special meaning.
  10. 13. Where Trident Security West located.
  11. 14. Brody's rank when he left the Navy.
  12. 15. Name of the horse ranch Brody's parents own in Texas.
  13. 19. The sweet treat Fancy makes that Ian loves the most.
  14. 21. Harper's safeword she uses instead of "Red."
  15. 22. Where Parker grew up.
  16. 27. What Nick did to earn his first real punishment with Jake.
  17. 28. Fancy's aunt who she is very close to.
  18. 29. What Kristen used to tell Devon she was pregnant.
  19. 30. Name of company Shelby had been working for when she got sick.
  20. 31. The number in Shelby and Parker's contract she wants to renegotiate.
  21. 36. Name of BDSM establishment Carter is a member of near Washington DC.
  22. 38. Where Marco grew up.