Truck Camper Magazine Crossword Puzzle

  1. 1. A certified scale.
  2. 5. Perhaps the most popular truck camper bucket list destination.
  3. 9. In Europe, truck campers are called what campers.
  4. 10. This power tool is commonly used to run mechanical jacks.
  5. 11. Always have this when backing up a truck camper.
  6. 12. What we like to say truck campers can tow.
  7. 13. In Australia, truck campers are called what campers.
  8. 19. The most popular type of renewable energy for a truck camper.
  9. 20. Safety devices that need to be replaced every five years.
  10. 23. These devices hold down a pop-up roof.
  11. 24. If your jacks aren’t electric, they’re probably this.
  12. 26. These connect the truck and camper for travel.
  1. 2. Who loads the campers at TCM.
  2. 3. It’s lights out when you pull this.
  3. 4. Truck capacity used to determine if a truck and camper are a match.
  4. 6. Drain this before winter.
  5. 7. The first things to check when something isn’t running in a camper.
  6. 8. Pink and happy in the cold.
  7. 14. Check these regularly, water you want to or not.
  8. 15. Not every camper has this foundation.
  9. 16. What Gordon likes to hunt for while traveling.
  10. 17. The birthday Truck Camper Magazine celebrates next January.
  11. 18. Not in the dictionary, but this is what we commonly call six-wheel trucks.
  12. 21. Acronym for the balance point on a truck camper.
  13. 22. Connects the electrical from the truck and camper.
  14. 25. Replace this rod or you’re rotten.