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Tuesday Think Tank

  1. 2. People arriving into New Zealand generally enter a ______ Isolation Facility
  2. 4. You must have at least how many COVID symptoms for your case to be transferred to the PHU?
  3. 7. One of the first greatly affected regions in Europe was Northern?
  4. 8. When traveling on public transport in Auckland you have to always wear a mask.
  5. 9. You log locations into the COVID Tracer app by scanning a?
  6. 10. COVID 19 is thought to have originated in?
  7. 13. When making NCTS calls it is always important to?
  8. 14. When making NCTS calls we generally should follow the?
  9. 16. On what day of March did New Zealand enter Level 4?
  10. 17. Workers at risk whilst helping our battle against COVID are on the?
  11. 19. New Zealand has ____ Levels.
  12. 20. The Homecare Medical head office is in?
  13. 23. The name of a chocolate flavoured drink is also the name of our?
  14. 24. The President of which country contracted COVID 19
  15. 25. Children also like to play with?
  16. 26. If you test positive for COVID you are transferred to a ____ facility?
  17. 28. I can exercise outside my home when in self isolation while I have a cough?
  18. 29. SU's should be getting an day 3 and a day 9 COVID test?
  19. 31. If anyone is feeling unwell at any stage they should?
  20. 32. If an SU is too young you must speak to their?
  21. 33. What kind of delivery is required if you are in self isolation?
  1. 1. What number can you text when you need to talk?
  2. 3. When someone is in self isolation they receive a NCTS call?
  3. 5. SU's should call ____ in case of an emergency?
  4. 6. The best place to find details of Medical Practices is?
  5. 11. Daniel Andrews is the current Premier of which State?
  6. 12. You can also get a COVID test at your?
  7. 15. What distance should we observe when we are social distancing?
  8. 18. Casual contacts must self isolate until they receive a negative test result.
  9. 21. If I am in self isolation, everyone I live with is a close contact.
  10. 22. What country now has a partial one way travel bubble with New Zealand?
  11. 27. We need to ensure we are recording clear ____ for all SU's.
  12. 30. Vanuatu has had how many confirmed COVID cases?