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Types of Holiday

  1. 5. Holidays that involve a higher level of risk
  2. 6. Holidays that emphasise seeing wild animals in their natural environments
  3. 7. A holiday which is suitable for parents and children
  4. 8. Holiday where everything, including accommodation and travel, is included in the price
  5. 10. Staying at home and doing day-trips to museums etc.
  6. 13. A break taken by students between finishing e.g. high school and starting university
  7. 14. Short holidays that emphasise relaxation and beauty treatments
  8. 16. Using a GPS or mobile to hide and find containers (geocaches) anywhere in the world.
  9. 18. Holidays that involve snow activities
  10. 19. Travel on business or for work
  11. 21. Holidays emphasising low carbon footprints and being environmentally friendly
  1. 1. A holiday on a ship – really a floating hotel
  2. 2. Holidays where you do your own cooking, cleaning etc.
  3. 3. Holidays that emphasise walks from location to location
  4. 4. Holiday doing the same or something very similar to your normal work.
  5. 9. break A short (usually weekend), low-cost holiday to a famous city or location
  6. 11. Walking and riding holidays
  7. 12. Holidays involving tents
  8. 15. Holidays emphasising sun, sea and sand
  9. 17. The holiday that a newly-married couple have after their wedding
  10. 18. Holidays that include learning – for example learning English!
  11. 20. Holidays that emphasise travelling by train