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Types Of Sports

  1. 3. uses a brown, pinecone-shaped ball with white laces
  2. 6. plastic disk thrown into chain baskets
  3. 9. orange and black ball with hoops
  4. 12. foam/rubber balls thrown at each other
  5. 14. a small ball hit with a bat
  6. 15. knock over white and red pins to earn points
  1. 1. played with a black and white ball, typically kicked
  2. 2. hit a basketball-sized-ball over a 7-8 foot net
  3. 4. kick a ball and run around the bases
  4. 5. race around a track, riding on a tall mammal
  5. 7. pass a ball to teammates and hit it in a goal, while treading in water
  6. 8. played with a birdie and racket
  7. 10. a medium sized ball- thats softer- hit with a bat
  8. 11. theres a fairway and green, don't get in the sand pits!
  9. 13. greenish-yellow ball hit with a racket