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Unit 2 Review Game

  1. 3. favorite son of Jacob whose jealous brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt, where he eventually svaed his family from starvation
  2. 6. the worship or adoration of objects due to God alone; this is forbidden by the First Commandment
  3. 7. Adam and Eve's third son and eventual heir; his line carried on the true line of God
  4. 9. from the Greek "ten words"; the Ten Commandments given by Gof through Moses
  5. 10. Adam and Eve's first son and murderer of his brother, Abel
  6. 12. a solemn agreement between people or between God and man involving mutual commitments and gurantees
  7. 15. Hebrew for "anointed"; Christ is Priest, Prophet, and King so he has been this
  8. 17. the founder of the Hebrew nation; God formed his descendants into His Chosen People
  9. 18. the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac
  10. 19. the commission of the Original Sin by Adam and Eve, resulting in suffering, death and concupiscence
  11. 20. one who speaks to the people for God
  12. 22. the second King of Israel, a "man after God's heart"; God made a new covenenat with all nations through him
  13. 23. raised in the Pharaoh's court; later fled Egypt and God called him to go back and help free the Hebrews and give them the Decalogue
  1. 1. the righteous man who, with his family and the animals, survived the flood in the Ark
  2. 2. the great prophet who guided the reforms of Hezekiah; his prophecies mostly refer to the coming of Jesus
  3. 3. temporary leaders appointed by God before the time of monarchy to lead the Israelites when enemies oppressed them
  4. 4. the conveyance by God to a spokesman of a message to be preached to many groups and people
  5. 5. the first Gospel, or "good news"
  6. 8. a Jewish feast commemorating the deliverance of the Israelites firstborn males from the Angel of Death by sprinkling the blood of a Lamb on the doorposts
  7. 11. younger son of Rebekah and Isaac who tricked his brother into giving him his inheritance and tricked his father into blessing him, so he became the heir; God renewed the covenant with Abraham's descendants through him
  8. 13. son of Abraham and Sarah born when they were very old; Isaac was the heir of God's promsies to Abraham
  9. 14. the leader of the Egyptians in ancient times; usually worshipped as God by the Egyptian people
  10. 16. personal name of God revealed to Moses meaning, "I am who I am."
  11. 19. a symbol of Baptism that God used to cleanse the world of sin and only saved Noah and his family and the animals
  12. 21. Greek for "going out";the Hebrews were freed form slavery in Egypt into the promised land by the saving acts of God