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  1. 1. The first King of Israel given by God and anointed by Samuel.
  2. 4. the physical sign of the covenant with Abraham.
  3. 6. Who conquers Judah about 150 years after the time of the prophet Isaiah?
  4. 7. A number used in the Bible to symbolize a period of trial, testing, or penance.
  5. 9. what type of suffering does Christ undergo most of all?
  6. 10. The "redeemer or nearest relative who would come to the rescue of his family.
  7. 13. The second King of Israel after Saul put his own will before God's.
  8. 14. What is promised by the prophets after all the chaos and collapse in Israel?
  9. 16. The first announcement of the Messiah and Redeemer.
  10. 19. Jacob's second-youngest son and was said to be Jacob's favorite.
  11. 20. The reason Cain murdered Abel.
  12. 21. the symbol of the covenant with Noah.
  13. 22. Who conquered the Northern Kingdom of Israel?
  1. 1. The son of Noah who continued the righteous lineage.
  2. 2. The many candid narratives in Genesis remind us of the destructive power of ____.
  3. 3. The prophets warned of this if Israel turned against God.
  4. 5. A ransom to be bought back by a family in ancient Israel.
  5. 6. Death, ____, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ are known as the Paschal Mystery.
  6. 8. What was the immediate reason for Christ's supreme Sacrifice?
  7. 11. The division of _____ is one of the consequences of the sin at Babel.
  8. 12. God loved Abraham more than anyone else because of his heroic fidelity and ____.
  9. 15. The Tower of Babel is a symbol of human ____.
  10. 17. The old Testament reality of what happened with the covenant between God and Noah.
  11. 18. What does the word "messiah" mean that connects it to Jesus?