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United States Presidents

  1. 2. Reported a dream he would be assassinated to a bodyguard on the day of his assassination
  2. 4. While serving on the Warren Commission this president secretly gave information on the committee's investigation on the assassination of Kennedy to the FBI
  3. 9. Kept a pet alligator in a bathtub at the White House
  4. 11. The only non-Virginian of the first 5 presidents
  5. 12. Second cousin to James Madison and his daughter was briefly married to Jefferson Davis before she died
  6. 14. Had the most popular plush toy in history named after him
  7. 15. First president to be born as a citizen of the United States and the only president to speak English as a second language
  8. 16. The heaviest president in history weighing in at 332 pounds
  9. 19. Followed his father’s footsteps and went to Yale University where he majored in History, also part of the 2nd father-son duo to be elected
  10. 21. Only president who never married and was once offered a seat on the Supreme Court
  11. 22. First president to be born in the 50th state and first president to be born outside the continental U.S.
  12. 26. This president was a proto archaeologist (collected bones of various creatures)
  13. 27. Only president to have been prisoner of war
  14. 29. Banished the White House’s squirrels as he thought they were ruining his putting green
  15. 30. 3rd president to die on the 4th of July
  16. 32. Made a fortune in mining the presidency was this man's first elected office
  17. 33. Known for his funky sock collection this president was the youngest pilot in the Navy in 1943
  18. 35. 1 of 2 presidents who signed the constitution, both of his vice presidents died in office
  19. 37. This president's nickname was “his Accidency”
  20. 38. The only president buried at Washington D.C.
  21. 40. Bought Alaska from Russia this president also tended to a family of mice
  22. 41. First president who was a Boy Scout
  23. 42. Assassinated by a former supporter who believed this president owed him a European ambassadorship
  24. 43. The only president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms in office
  1. 1. His administration introduced Americans to the postage stamp
  2. 3. Only president born on Independence Day
  3. 5. First elected president to have been divorced
  4. 6. The only president to keep his entire cabinet in place for the full 4 year term
  5. 7. Created the only grandfather-grandson duo to have held office
  6. 8. The first Democrat to be elected a second term since FDR in 1936
  7. 10. The only president in the 1900s who didn’t attend college
  8. 13. Voted against every civil rights bill in his first 20 years as a legislator
  9. 17. This president owns and operates roughly 18 golf courses around the world
  10. 18. Gave the longest inauguration speech to date
  11. 20. This president's nickname was “Hot” and gave up his military career to work on his family’s peanut farm
  12. 23. America’s longest serving president
  13. 24. Inherited his first slaves at age 11
  14. 25. 1 of 2 presidents to appear on a national presidential ticket 5 times (as both president and vice president)
  15. 28. Named for the doctor that delivered him this president was also a member of the Ristigouche Salmon Club
  16. 31. Sent Matthew Perry to Japan to open trade between the 2 countries
  17. 34. The first president to talk on the radio
  18. 35. 5th president from Ohio in 28 years
  19. 36. Won the 1st major Union victory in the Civil War and ironically hated wearing army uniforms
  20. 39. Eliminated alcohol at the White House this president also signed allowing women to argue before the Supreme Court