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"Unseen" TAGS Characters

  1. 2. Ellen Brown's fiancé.
  2. 5. Luke _____ is one of the single guys in town that Andy suggests can take Mary Grace to the dance.
  3. 8. Did not like Barney and "black balled" him from joining a club in high school.
  4. 11. Punched Otis in the nose.
  5. 13. Tom Silby's was upset that he attended his funeral.
  6. 15. Barney says he has two sets of false teeth and won't admit it.
  7. 16. A friend of Opie (who is four years old) who told him that if a penny gets hit by lightning it is worth six cents.
  8. 18. Andy finds Jeff Pruitt a possible job at his store as a shoe clerk.
  9. 20. Wilbur ____ Once got drunk and fell out of the window in room 209 in the hotel.
  10. 22. Runs Crowley's market.
  11. 23. Who Otis thinks the goat in his cell looks like. (Example: answer is UNCLENAT)
  12. 24. Worked at the diner with Juanita.
  13. 25. Last name of And'y inspector buddy (Inspector Case shows up instead).
  14. 26. Last name of the 4 generations of family that were walking to church.
  1. 1. First Name of Tate Fletcher's wife.
  2. 3. Otis bought a car from Charlie _____.
  3. 4. A girlfriend of Opie's that he saved up and bought a coat for.
  4. 6. Pitching a great game of horseshoes until Henry Bennett shook his hand.
  5. 7. Charlene accused Dub of making eyes at her.
  6. 9. What Tracy Rupert scratched on the old cannon.
  7. 10. Use to bully Andy when he was a kid.
  8. 12. Barney says she is the biggest gossip in the town, while they are sitting in the car gossiping about others.
  9. 13. Name of Ben Weavers' rival department store.
  10. 14. "Old Jed ____ lived all alone up in that shack happy as can be".
  11. 17. Was in the army with Ed Sawyer.
  12. 19. First name of everyone's favorite waitress at the diner.
  13. 20. First name of the old German soldier in town.
  14. 21. Last name of the man Thelma Lou glues covers on hymn books with.