1. 3. you can fish in it or in the river
  2. 6. bags we use to carry our clothes and food
  3. 8. boar Big animals that live in the forest and are similar to pigs
  4. 11. Wood that is burnt as fuel
  5. 13. a structure across a river or a road
  6. 14. bag we sleep in it at night in the tent
  7. 15. A small piece of rock found on the ground.
  8. 16. we sleep inside it when we go camping
  9. 18. boots Type of shoes to go trekking
  10. 19. you can make soup with these
  11. 20. there are a lot of them in the forest
  1. 1. an animal that flies at night
  2. 2. food in the form of a cylindrical length of minced pork or other meat
  3. 4. big stone
  4. 5. An open-air fire in a camp
  5. 7. rod a stick used for fishing
  6. 9. The impression left by a foot or shoe on the ground or a surface.
  7. 10. a large area covered with trees
  8. 12. bottle You drink water from it when you are thirsty
  9. 16. we use this to make light at night
  10. 17. Prehistoric humans lived there