1. 3. property of all conductors is their ability to hinder the flow of electric current
  2. 5. number of vibrations that occur in an interval of time
  3. 7. the product of the mass and the velocity of an object
  4. 8. any type of motion that occurs over and over again
  5. 10. can travel through the vacuum of outer space
  6. 16. the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position relative to others,stresses within itself, electric charge and other factors
  7. 17. the reluctance of any body to change its state of motion
  8. 18. any push or pull
  9. 19. the rate of change of velocity
  10. 23. a vibration that travels through space
  11. 24. the force that causes an object to travel in a circular path
  12. 25. energy that moves electrons through an electric circuit
  1. 1. when the vibration and direction of the waves are perpendicular to each other
  2. 2. the matter that a wave travels through
  3. 4. acts at right angles to the surface
  4. 6. quality of sound, by rate of vibrations
  5. 9. energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion
  6. 11. vibration and direction of the motion o the wave are in the same direction
  7. 12. rate at which a charge flows
  8. 13. require a medium
  9. 14. object is at rest with net force being zero
  10. 15. distance between crests
  11. 20. force of gravity on an object
  12. 21. combination of all forces acting on an object
  13. 22. material that permits energy flow