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Diablo 3 Crossword!

  1. 2. The primary resource of the Crusader.
  2. 3. Which type of gem increases Life on Hit when socketed into a weapon?
  3. 8. The Might of the Earth set creates earthquakes when using ____.
  4. 9. Which Follower can increase your Critical Hit Chance?
  5. 11. The most common Witch Doctor pet is know as a ______.
  6. 12. This Rift Guardian is based on the model of a Mallet Lord.
  7. 13. The only Hand Crossbow you can only find in a Horadric Cache.
  8. 15. The cold-based version of a slow.
  9. 17. The final boss in the Reaper of Souls expansion.
  10. 18. The Crusader-only weapon-type.
  11. 19. The Kukri is made of what?
  12. 21. The giver of a gift, which can substantially increase the quality of a weapon.
  13. 22. The monk skill that greatly increases spirit regeneration.
  14. 23. A 1-handed weapon that applies a damage-amplifier to all enemies hit.
  15. 25. The Demon Hunter-only armor-type, found on the Torso.
  16. 26. A 2-handed weapon that increases damage of fire skills.
  17. 27. A game-mode in which, when you die, you can no longer play that character.
  18. 29. The name of the Keywarden in Act 4.
  19. 31. A monk can only have one of these active at a time (per default).
  1. 1. A weapon that interacts directly with the Elemental Arrow skill.
  2. 4. Which type of gem increases Gold Find when socketed into a helm?
  3. 5. The Amulet and Ring you can craft from the Organs of the Uber Bosses are known as ________ items.
  4. 6. The wizard skill that transforms you into a being of pure energy.
  5. 7. The Teardrop of the Starweaver also has an additional name.
  6. 10. A piece of armor that decreases the resource cost of all fire skills.
  7. 14. A weapon with a small chance to deal immense damage to frozen targets.
  8. 16. Ghom makes an appearance as Rift Guardian, though he's named what?
  9. 18. The single item in the game that gives the largest increase in damage against elites is known as the _______.
  10. 19. The Embodiment of the Marauder set primarily interacts with this skill.
  11. 20. The Rift Guardian Perdition is based on which boss?
  12. 24. The newly-introduced tier of legendary items.
  13. 28. The Spines of Seething Hatred interact with which skill?
  14. 30. The rarest item in the game is which kind of item?