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Math Puzzle

  1. 2. changing the ordder of the factors does not change the product
  2. 5. property of addition is changing the grouping of th addends does not affect the sum
  3. 7. is a method of finding the prime numbers that you multiply together to find a iven number
  4. 10. a number greater than 1 with more than two factor
  5. 11. plays an essential role in reading and writing numbers
  6. 12. a numerical value that is not a whole number
  7. 14. is a group of three digits starting from the right most digit of the number
  8. 16. _____ number a number greater than 1 with only two factors
  9. 17. numbers that are multiplied together
  10. 18. ____________ rules are used to determine whether a given number is divisible by another number without performing actual division
  1. 1. _____ common multiple is the smallest number other than 0 that is a multiple of two or more numbers
  2. 2. property of addition that is changing the order of the addends does not change the sum
  3. 3. multiplying two numbers
  4. 4. changing the grouping of the factors does not change the product
  5. 6. fractions having different denominators
  6. 8. when 0 is a factor, the product is 0
  7. 9. _____ numeral commonly used in numbered list
  8. 13. the final answer of addition
  9. 15. adding of addends
  10. 19. fractions having the same denominators