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UoC Student Life Crossword

  1. 2. The term given to first year students who are just starting university (7)
  2. 7. Social groups run by students who share an interest and meet regularly (9)
  3. 11. Financial assistance awarded based on students' circumstances which does NOT have to be paid back (7)
  4. 12. Skills you will develop further at university as you make your own choices and are responsible for yourself (12)
  5. 16. The opportunity to travel and experience learning in a different environment and culture overseas (5,6)
  6. 17. A small class which meets to discuss things learnt in lectures (7)
  1. 1. Advice you can access at any time during and after your studies to assist you with your future job (7,8)
  2. 3. Bonds you will make with people during your studies and beyond (11)
  3. 4. Student _______ a way of helping students save money by giving you money off and special offers (8)
  4. 5. Landmark which is the location of the University of Chester graduation ceremonies (7,9)
  5. 6. A chance to celebrate all the hard work at the end of your studies in a formal ceremony (10)
  6. 7. Approaches and strategies to help you succeed in your learning (5,6)
  7. 8. A current student who represents the university in activities such as school visits and open days (7,10)
  8. 9. A chance to gain experience and skills by completing unpaid tasks in your free time (12)
  9. 10. A large class led by the tutor, usually in a lecture theatre (7)
  10. 13. Elected student leader of the Students' Union (9)
  11. 14. Guidance and advice for students when needed, covering things from exam stress to mental health conditions to ensure student welfare (7)
  12. 15. One of the theme nights held each week at the Students' Union. Earplugs and microphones at the ready...! (7)