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Urban Environments

  1. 3. trapped by greenhouse gas emissions in an urban area
  2. 6. when wind around a building is sucked down causing gusty conditions in the area
  3. 8. the actual land in which the settlement is built
  4. 10. The most dense area in New York
  5. 11. changing the colour of the surface lowers the....
  6. 13. When stores cluster together at the rural to urban fringe (electrical, furniture, hardware) they form a....
  7. 14. the CBD can be broken into the core and .......
  8. 15. a city that went bankrupt after deindustrialisation
  1. 1. when wind is channeled down a street by tall buildings that are dense
  2. 2. when the urban areas is 2-4 degrees celcius warmer than surrounding areas
  3. 4. One of Singapore's functions
  4. 5. the minimum number of people required for a good or service to stay in buisness
  5. 7. a city with a population of 10 million or more...
  6. 9. the sector of the economy that is not regulated
  7. 12. the informal sector is often divided into a street economy and a ............. economy