US History

  1. 1. Toughest part of the Triangular Trade.
  2. 3. Attacked the French in the Ohio River Valley and this led to the French and Indian war.
  3. 9. Grown mostly on plantations and was meant to sell for profit.
  4. 14. Governing body of Great Britain.
  5. 15. Religious revival movement of the 1700's.
  6. 16. King James II created this. This covered the area from southern Maine to northern New Jersey.
  7. 17. Great Britain's greatest rival in North America.
  8. 19. The 2nd largest ethnic group in the colonies, and most of them were slaves.
  9. 20. 18th century intellectual movement that emphasized reason and the scientific method.
  1. 2. Slave uprising in the Colonies.
  2. 4. Came to the colonies from Europe to be apprentices with families and learn a trade.
  3. 5. Places tax on imports to the colonies.
  4. 6. Meant to punish the colonists for illegal smuggling of goods.
  5. 7. 3 part system in which slaves were brought to the colonies.
  6. 8. Large farm in the Southern Colonies.
  7. 10. When Britain relaxed restrictions on the colonies.
  8. 11. Enrich Great Britain.
  9. 12. Men from the Colonists who fought for Great Britain.
  10. 13. invented bi-focals, the Franklin stove and published Poor Richard's Almanac.
  11. 18. Named by King James II to rule over the Dominion of New England.