US history

  1. 3. Young western women who wore short skirts, had short hair, and listened to jazz music. This was not normal for this time period.
  2. 7. 30th president of the united states
  3. 8. These were anarchists who thought social justice would only show up with destruction of government
  4. 11. This is what people called the Drought strikens southern plains
  5. 12. When the stock market crashed
  6. 14. Was an African American trumpet and singer.
  7. 15. President D. Roosevalut was trying to repair the nations economy
  1. 1. was the 31 president of the United states
  2. 2. 32nd president help restore the countrie after the great depression.
  3. 4. When African American culture centered into Harlem, Manhattan
  4. 5. Signed into law by President D Roosevault this would give retired people some money.
  5. 6. Was a famous american baseball player, he was unemployed in the great depression.
  6. 9. Inequalities when resources, opportunities, privileges, are distributed based on your social class.
  7. 10. Was a gangster who ran a soup kitchen during the great depression
  8. 13. People trying to chance social classes.
  9. 16. Where alchohal is illeagy sold